Physiotherapy, Running Coaching, Injuries, Neuro Rehabilitation, Sports Massage

Case Study 1

Child CA is a 14yr old male whose goal was to improve his speed on the hockey pitch. He plays for the U16 at his local hockey club Fleet and Ewshot hockey club. As with the adults, we went on to video his running on the treadmill to establish his technique and why his speed was lacking. We also assessed his fast footwork in a number of patterns, as this is relevant to speed work, and crucial in kids. Feedback was brief as kids need positivity, but education was important to facilitate change.

Subsequent sessions were doubled up with a friend to help with their learning and make the sessions more enjoyable. Who doesn’t like to work out with a mate, it does need to be fun!! There was homework given as change needs repetition to establish it as a habit. See for yourself if he has improved.

Case Study 2

Mrs AG is a 41yr old female whose goal was to run a half marathon nonstop with no injuries. Current injuries/niggles on assessment were sore knees after running, 6 month history of low back pain and a feeling that the right hip would ‘pop out’ while she was running.

Having established the problems, we went on to video her running to establish her technique and relate this to her injuries. We also assessed some core functional movements and combined with the running analysis we moved onto feedback!! Must remember to add in the positive with the negative...Feedback is crucial to understand what needs to change. The first session ended with coaching a few of the steps needed to improve technique and homework to go and practice. Homework and commitment are fundamental in making a change.

Below you can see the video before and after... you can see for yourself what she achieved. She exceeded her goal and ran a Spanish half marathon in the middle of summer... Nutter!!