Physiotherapy, Running Coaching, Injuries, Neuro Rehabilitation, Sports Massage

Yes, I offer a free 15min initial telephone appointment to discuss your therapy needs and answer any questions you may have. It also enables me to explain how I work and how I may be able to help you.

Sessions are one hour duration.

All initial sessions start with a thorough assessment, I will ask about your current and past medical history and any medications you may be taking. Some people prefer to bring a copy of their repeat prescription to make this easier. Any recent medical reports can also be useful to have to hand. If you wear any orthotics, then please remember to bring these with you.

I do offer home visits. These are free within a 10 mile radius from Fleet, Hampshire. 75p per mile over 10 mile radius.

This will be discussed with you after your initial assessment as it varies from person to person and is dependent on your goals as to what you want to achieve. I will give my recommendation, but ultimately it is your decision.

It is advisable to bring shorts, t-shirt and your trainers for any running sessions, and wear loose fitting clothes for all other sessions.

Please email, call or text to make an appointment. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hrs.

No, Physiotherapists are able to assess, diagnose and treat. However, I may advise you to seek a medical opinion if I have any concerns or consider the problem to not be suitable for Physiotherapy.

No. Sadly I am not yet registered with any private medical insurance companies. Watch this space for future updates.

I accept cash, cheques or bank transfer, and sessions need to be paid up front.

Life gets busy, so there are times you may need to cancel your session. I ask for 24hrs notice to cancel so that it enables me to utilise the space for another patient.