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Why would a child need Physiotherapy?

Kids are really lucky because they heal really quickly. Then they reach the age of 9 and the problems can begin to show. There are a couple of problems I have noted over the years, being a mum of two myself. Firstly, the more specialised in sport they become, with repetition of movement patterns, the body begins to complain. Add in the fact that they grow.. a lot.. and all that soft tissue has to try and catch up and you get pain. Now add in the fact that we assume that kids move ‘normally’ and aren’t taught how to move. Put these problems together and mix around and you can end up with lots of pain, a child who disengages with sport which can perpetuate into adulthood.

Children and Physiotherapy in Fleet Hampshire
Children and Physio in Fleet Hampshire

What's the solution?

Early assessment , intervention, reassurance and positivity
Biomechanical Movement Assessments
Dynamic Movement Analysis
Trigger points
Kinesiology taping
Exercise prescription