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What is Neuro Rehabilitation?

I get asked this question all the time, surely you just do massage and stuff... let me explain. It is a specific branch of physiotherapy for any condition that affects the neurological system, most commonly the central nervous system. The most common conditions I treat are Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy and Spinal injuries.

Neuro Rehab in Fleet Hampshire
Neuro Rehabilitation in Fleet Hampshire

Any combination of these can impact on day to day function, affecting both family and work life.:

 Sensory disturbances
 Poor co-ordination,
 Stiffness – spasticity or rigidity,

Any combination of these problems can lead to problems with day to day function, affecting both family and work life. Neuro Physio involves a detailed assessment and agreement on main problem areas to tailor a treatment plan to meet your goals. Treatment is focused on maximising the neural messages between the brain and the body, as well as teaching you the most efficient ways to move and function. I may assess someone with Multiple Sclerosis who is having problems with falls, or see someone post stroke who wants to return to their hobby of painting. Everyone’s goals are unique.

Physio Skill Set

Advanced Bobath trained, with “Hands on” approach to therapy.
Up to date knowledge in strength training in Neurology – Neurofit concept.
Skilled in spasticity and spasms management.
Odstock trained in the use of FES (Functional electrical stimulation) and micro stim.
Knowledge of referral process through your GP for funding.
Orthotic and splint knowledge, with close workings with local services.
Equipment knowledge to help maximise function.
Qualified in use of Kinesiology taping.
Work closely with local services for ongoing referrals as needed – OT, SALT, Wheelchair services.
Experience working with families and carers.