Physiotherapy, Running Coaching, Injuries, Neuro Rehabilitation, Sports Massage


Physiotherapy is the assessment of movement and function in order to diagnose and treat with a goal as a focus point. My work is very diverse across many fields of medicine. For me this could be assessing someone with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease who is experiencing problems with falls when walking. I could be assessing and treating a child with knee pain during sport, or an adult with back pain at work. Treatment depends on the problem and the goal in mind, but could involve a combination of soft tissue massage, stretching, strengthening, taping, balance and functional training

physiotherapy in fleet hampshire
physio in fleet hampshire

A Physiotherapist is a degree level qualification that encompasses all branches of Physiotherapy. The core areas are respiratory, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and neurology. Once qualified, a Physio will rotate around the core areas much like a junior doctor. It is only after 3-5 yrs that a Physio chooses their speciality of focus. Research over the years has enabled the branches to overlap more, and my core areas are now neurology and musculoskeletal. Both require assessment of movement and function in order to diagnose, educate and treat with a goal as a focus point. I still own the traditional plinth for my assessments, but if you are experiencing pain with movement, it lends itself to assessment while moving.

Physio Skill Set

Biomechanical Movement Assessments
Functional/Dynamic Movement Assessments
Trigger points
Kinesiology taping
Certified Running Technique Specialist.
Exercise prescription.