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Running Coaching with Caroline

I met Mike Antoniades for the first time a couple of years ago and was fascinated by his work on running even though I assumed it was just aimed at proficient runners and athletes. When I discovered he also had amazing success with kids, novices and stroke patients, I was hooked! I decided to dedicate 6 months of my life to living and breathing how to move and therefore run. In October 2017 I passed my exams and graduated as a Certified Running Techniques Specialist, accredited by The Running School. I am continuing to work up at their HQ in London to support my set up as a satellite school out of London.

running coaching for children in fleet hampshire
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Why do I need running coaching?

Why and what are good questions at this stage. The theory is you are taught skills in most sports but never taught how to run. We send our kids to swimming lessons to learn the technique for years...but assume that running is a birth born ability! Some will argue that we all have our own unique way to run and it is not something you can teach. This is not true. Yes we will all have a slight variation, but the technique can be taught in as little as 6 weeks from anyone aged 6-106. It is a skill to be coached, practiced and with repetition, will become habit. Say goodbye injuries/discomfort and plodding, and hello efficient, pain free, enjoyable running.

What do the sessions include

 Treadmill running assessment with video analysis
 Dynamic/functional movement assessment
 Feedback of the assessments using the video footage
 Coaching on how to run with improved technique
 Exercise program

A block of 6 sessions are needed with commitment to homework in order to see a change. These need to be completed ideally weekly, but within a 10 week time span.

Aims of Running Coaching: